Bottom Drain with Aerator Ring 110mm

allows for easier sealing than pumping does and allows for more effective waste evacuation.

Under the bung, this model contains an air diffuser with a connection of 1 "F mm.

Suitable for installation on polyester and EPDM seals

Water connection 110 mm: Griffon WDF-05 adhesive to be used for glueing.

Air connection 1 "F: Do not use the original fitting; rather, use our connection set.

A 1 "M threaded connector is included with the bung to attach a flexible hose used to feed air to the air diffuser.

We suggest modifying our collection of PVC pressure fittings, which are stronger and especially more resilient.

As a result, a considerably stronger and safer alternative to a hose for air delivery is a 20 mm PVC pipe.
See our collection under "accessories."

3000 litres per hour per metre of depth is the recommended air flow rate.

ABS drainage: use Griffon WDF-05 compatible ABS adhesive to affix 110 mm PVC pipe.

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