Product Description:

Variety - Showa

Breeder - Sakai Fish Farm

Age - Nisai

Size - 38cm

Sex - Unknown

Sakai fish farm have been recognised globally for their go-sanke varieties. Showa from Sakai are a relatively new product to the market, as they have been experimenting with their parent sets to shift the focus away from their incredible Sanke and Kohaku that they have been consistently producing. The farm has been producing high class, show winning koi for many years, and are known specifically for their Sanke and Kohaku bloodlines. Over the past few years, they have started focusing on their showa bloodlines, by adding in new parent fish from Dainichi. We have been buying fish from Sakai for the past 2 seasons and have seen a real improvement in quality within the showa’s, even in such a short space of time. This fish is a personal favourite of mine, as it has a really nice balanced patten, along with a good body line. This fish before winter had a very good body, which has thinned down since being in an unheated pond away from much food. Once the growing season starts again, I would expect the body to come back fully and completely change the look of the fish.

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