1.5" Inch Retro-fit Bottom Drain

Customers that have a new or existing pond but want the same fantastic benefits that a bottom drain gives you, without having to rebuild your pond, were the target market for the Weighted Suction Dome Range.

The water circulation around any pond will be significantly improved by weighted suction domes once they are linked.
Reduced maintenance is the result of the enhanced water circulation that helps remove dirt and suspended particles from the bottom of your pond.

There is no need to dig a hole or make one in the middle of your pond liner.
Put it there simply, in the pond's lowest point.
A weighted suction dome operates in a manner very similar to a sump drain, drawing sediments and detritus from the pond's bottom right into the filter.

The Weighted Suction Dome line is simple to maintain and clean, and each model is equipped with a Base Plate that is positioned at the ideal height to provide the most draw across the pond's bottom.
Therefore, there are no concerns about flow limitation even if the bottom of your pond is not perfectly level.

What is included in the kit for the weighted suction dome?

Your Weighted Suction Dome is shipped with a matching bag that contains all the components need to operate with either a gravity-fed system or a pump-fed system.
attachments for fitting to 56mm/2" or 43mm/1.5 rigid pipe.

Two different sized hosetails are also included in the fitting bag; these will go with flexi hose sizes up to 20mm (3/4").




-50mm; 56mm/2" Spinner; 56mm/2" Tee Joiner

• a 56mm/2" threaded nut; a 56mm/2" "O" ring; and a 56mm/2"- 50mm
lowering Bush

• 56mm/2"-43mm/1.5" Reducing Bush; 56mm/2"-43mm/1.5" Blank End Cap;

• Bung • 2.5KG of Ballast • 43mm 4 Stepped Hosetail • 50mm 3 Stepped Hosetail

A Pump Fed Filter System: What Is It?

Water is pumped from your pond to your filter system in a pump fed filter system.
When, for example, your filters are taller than your pond.

A Gravity Fed System is what?

In a gravity-fed system, the water will flow naturally from your pond into your filter system without the need of a separate water pump.
Please be aware that only if your filter system is lower than your pond will this be effective.

Does a larger-sized pump need to be used with the weighted suction dome?

There is no additional size of pump needed for the weighted suction dome.
The product will function with whatever pump size that you deem appropriate for your system.

The hosetails provided have been made to accommodate 7 common diameter hoses for use with a pump.
Check the hose size you intend to use, trim the hosetail to the appropriate size, then deburr the cut for best flow.

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