Valterra Slide Valve 1.5"


The Valterra Slide Valves are without a doubt among the best on the market. They include the famed full Stainless Steel Shutter plate. Valterra Slide Valves are composed of high-quality PVC and come in 1.5≤, 2≤, 3≤, and 4≤ pressure and 110mm sizes. Furthermore, they were built to last, are highly durable, and are well worth the extra expense. These are designed to fit pvc pressure pipe but can be adjusted to fit waste pipe by using the reducing sleeves illustrated in this section. Slide Valves are mostly used for on/off waste valves in filters, as well as to separate the filter from the pond and to totally cut off flow when necessary. It will fit any 1.5 inch or 2 inch imperial pressure pipe and is solvent weldable as well. To utilise these flapper valves with standard Black Solvent Waste Pipe, reducer sleeves can be pasted into the socket unions.

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