1" 90 degree hose joiner Barbed

A plumbing fitting called the 1" 45 Bend (Pressure PVC-U) is used to turn a pipeline 45 degrees. It is built of UV- and corrosion-resistant pressure PVC-U, which makes it suitable for use in both indoor and outdoor settings.

This 1" 45 Bend has a 1 inch diameter and is made to easily connect to common PVC pipes. To reduce friction and ensure a smooth flow of liquids or gases through the pipeline, it has a smooth internal surface. Additionally, the bend has a pressure rating, which means it was made to resist the pressure of the fluid being passed through it.

The 1" 45 Bend (Pressure PVC-U) is a solid and necessary part of any plumbing or pipe system, in general. Both pros and DIY enthusiasts favour it because of its strong structure and simple installation. For individuals who need a flexible and reliable plumbing fitting for their projects, it may therefore be a useful option.

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