20 Micron Moulded Particle/Sediment Filter 10" x 2.5"

Multi-Layer, Melt Blown Sediment Filter Cartridge with Gradient Density.

Smaller particles penetrate deeper whereas larger particles are retained in the top layers.

longer life and better dirt keeping capacity than non-layered cartridges

Polypropylene microfibers that have been thermally bonded for purity and chemical compatibility

no binders, agents, solvents, antistatic compounds, or wetting agents are present.

meets FDA guidelines for interaction with food and beverages.

No contaminants that could be leached or extracted

With no surface binders, change-out frequency is increased and flow is decreased.

The individual shrink-wrapped cartridges

Cartridges are formed with a micron rating.

large variety of lengths and micron grades available

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