110mm Clamp Saddle 1.5" inch bsp Female thread

Why use a 110mm Clamp Saddle

Choosing which kind of pipework to use has never been easy.

At Steel City Koi, we recognise
The significance of piping; faults in pipework are among the most frequent we encounter, may be quite expensive, and are difficult to correct after the fact.

On koi ponds, there are three primary categories of pipework:

Black waste pipe, metric pressure pipe, and imperial pressure pipe

Anything other than pressure pipe and fittings should not be used for gravity or pressure lines as it is dangerous and only serves as a cost-saving measure. The additional security and peace of mind that pressure pipe provides is well worth the additional cost.
Despite being the preferable option, using pressure pipe and fittings in the past has sadly been out of the price range for the majority of Koi keepers.
We at CN Koi are working to offer you a complete selection of pipe fittings for every use.

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