2.5" Female thread - 2" Socket (Fitting for Blue ECO Pump)

The New Blue Eco Pumps with cutting-edge True sine wave technology are being launched with pride by Koi Carp.

The most environmentally friendly electric pumps ever made are the brand-new Blue ECO Titanium pumps.
They use brushless DC electric motor technology, and their efficiency rating is 94.6%, as opposed to the 45–50% of conventional electric motors.
Reduced RPM results in decreased energy consumption because the power and, thus, energy consumption, are fully adjustable from 10 to 100% of full power.
The pumps are perfect for dry situations since they generate very little heat since 94% of the energy used turns the impellor.

The efficiency of the New Blue Eco Pumps can reach 94.6%.
The brand-new Blue Eco Pumps are incredibly quiet and include a separate control unit.

Available in 240, 320, 500, 900, and 1500 watt sizes.

The New Blue Eco Pumps are watertight, may be used submersibly, and are resistant to marine water. They can also be utilised in dry conditions.
The power utilised is shown by the controller in watts, rpm, and running hours.

The New Blue Eco Pumps include lifetime bearing guarantees and dry running protection.

Much a 1500 watt pump may operate at an efficiency of over 90% at 35 watts and use the same amount of energy as a tiny pump while producing even more water thanks to the variable control of Blue Eco Pumps.

All larger pumps are available with changeable impellers to increase efficiency in every situation.

Independent consumers have tested the New Blue Eco Pumps in real-world settings for over a year with 0% failure.

The 10 metre marine and chlorine resistant cable and New Blue Eco Pumps controller are included.

The New Blue Eco Pumps are the only pumps in existence right now that operate with True sine wave for better beginning in challenging conditions, with an efficiency of 94.6%.
Blue Eco Pumps with true sine waves provide a high beginning torque.

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