Double Union Ball Valve 2"


These Double Union Ball valves are great for restricting pipe flows, as purge valves and waste control valves, and you won't find a better assortment than what we provide here. Extremely sturdy and simple to disassemble and maintain; compatible with normal imperial PVC pressure pipe. Compatible with solvent waste reduction sleeves indicated below. One of the most useful methods for managing water flow also allows you to remove pumps and other equipment. Use one on each side of the disputed Pump. Ball Valves are one of the most effective means of regulating water flow. Genuine round construction - significantly increased lifespan. Fully adjustable ball assuring operation efficiency.  E.P.D.M. seal is added behind the P.T.F.E. ball seat. In addition, they allow you to isolate equipment for replacement or repair, such as pumps. We sell a variety of brands and sizes, including 25mm, 40mm, 1.1/2", 2", 3", and 4 inches. In addition, we stock all the reducers required to convert pressure pipe to solvent weld pipe, as well as a variety of solvent weld glue and cleaners.

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