2" Flanged Tank Connector

In order for this flanged tank connector to function with 56mm solvent weld pipe (please view our pipe identification chart for finding your correct pipe size)

Fast and simple to use, flange tank connectors are ideal for any task and work well as inlet/outlet ports between chambers.

The socket/joining bush design of the flange tank connector enables solvent welding of the ridged pipe on either side of the connector.
This is ideal if you wanted to connect to a tank or filter system from the inside or outside.

When installing this device, always use a non-toxic sealant because the flange tank connectors are solvent welds.
Apply to the sealing ring and the flange body to provide an excellent watertight seal when installed.

Flange tank connector body, sealing ring, and stainless steel screws are included in the package (quantity will vary depending on the size of the flanged tank connect)

Depth of Tank/Liner

The self-tapping stainless steel screw that comes with the flange tank connector can be used with tanks and liners up to a thickness of 5mm.
if the Tank/Liner you wish to attach the flange tank connector to is thicker, though.
See our selection of "Flanged Tank Connector Extension Kits" for more information.

Six stainless steel bolts, locking nuts, and twelve stainless steel washers make up the Flange Extension Kit.
The various kits will allow the flange tank connector to be utilised with tanks and liners with a thickness range of 0 to 20 mm (For more information please see our product archive)

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