4 Inch to 110mm Socket

A plumbing adapter called the 4 inch Socket to 110mm plain male converter was created to join a 4-inch socket to a 110mm plain male fitting, which is often seen on drains.
You may install or repair drains and other plumbing fixtures using this converter, which makes it simple to connect these two distinct sizes of plumbing fittings.

The materials used to construct this converter are strong, resistant to deterioration, and able to survive the high temperatures and pressures seen in plumbing systems.
You may quickly and simply connect two different sizes of plumbing fittings with it because it is simple to install and use.

A handy tool for plumbers, do-it-yourselfers, and anybody who needs to connect different types of plumbing fittings is the 4 inch Socket to 110mm plain male converter.
It is a crucial part of any plumber's equipment and a practical and economical solution to join two plumbing fittings of various sizes.
So everybody who works with plumbing systems needs this converter.

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