Air-Aqua Superdrum 50/120

The SuperDrum 50-120 has a mesh size of 120 micron and a capacity of up to 50 m3/hour.

How it works: As water passes through the drum sieve, any debris larger than 120 microns is removed (0.12 mm). It is determined whether there is still enough water flowing through the drum by a water level sensor. The drum sieve is automatically rinsed if it gets too clogged. The high-pressure pump then fully automates the process of removing the trapped dirt from the sieve, and the dirt is subsequently sent to the sewers via nozzles and a drainage channel.

The SuperDrum L 50/120 can be utilised with pump-fed applications and can be completely buried. The casing is easily adaptable to UV lamps.

The cover, rinse pump, and control electronics are included with every SuperDrum, however the UV and biological filtration systems are not. The filter flushes less frequently and has a higher capacity (more m3/hour flow) with a coarser sieve element.

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