Aqua Forte Tornado 3 Protein Skimmer

Resuming travel! er model with a ball valve for flow regulation and unique biorings for a better oxygen blend. The ball valve makes it much simpler to set the ideal water level. A continuous flow of 0,5l/m (30l/h) air is pumped into the filter by an air pump using a 4mm air connection and supplied flowmeter. This pressure makes sure that the foam is forced through the foam outlet tube and out of the filter. The protein skimmer combines mechanical, chemical, and biological filters.

The way the concept works is that things dissolved in water are drawn to the surface of an air bubble. The concentration of chemicals, dirt, colours, and algae is caused by the attraction of air bubbles. An air pump is used to combine air and water. A very long contact period between the water and the air is produced by pushing this mixture through the filter material (biorings) to a lower exit. As a result, a hard foam is produced and the water's surface tension is continuously altered. A perforated cone separates the foam from the cleaned water before it is released. Phosphates, ammonia, Humic acids, colours, proteins, and a number of heavy metals are among the substances dissolved in water that are filtered out by the foam and released into the environment.

25mm water intake, 40mm water outlet, and 25mm foam outlet.

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