Aqua Forte Ultra-Sieve 3 with 3 x 110mm Inlets

The most trustworthy pre-filters available are UltraSieve filters.
This is mainly because to the straightforward construction and one moving part.
The pre-filter is fairly simple to maintain but does not self-clean.
The debris can be removed by opening the sliding valve.
The stainless steel filter element in the UltraSieve pre-filters never has to be changed.
The water falls directly through the sieve because of the triangular stainless steel rods at a 7° angle, but the debris is left behind.
The fact that the material is actually removed from the water circulation is a significant benefit of this theory.
Because waste items are no longer polluting the water, this is very advantageous for the quality of the water.

Ponds' best pre-filter in terms of effectiveness

only one moving component

Waste is immediately separated from the water circulation by a stainless steel filter element

no sound

Zero water loss

Waste can be recycled entirely.

very simple to keep up

Excellent for swimming ponds!

Market leader for more than 15 years already.

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