Aqua Forte UV-Ozone System with Air Pump

The Ozone Redox UVC contains a unique 75 watt T5 UV-C lamp that simultaneously produces ozone and UV-C.
The lamp emits 25.000 microwatts of UV-C radiation and 600 mg/h of ozone. 4000 hours are produced by the lamp.
9000 hours of UV-C radiation and ozone. With the Low Pressure variant, the ozone is "pushed" out of the system by an airpump.
the device and a "static mixer" that almost eliminates pressure loss when mixing ozone and water. This Low Pressure variant has to be installed.
following the installation of the filter (free return flow). The High Pressure variant uses a ballvalve and a venturi injection mechanism to
water and ozone are combined. A 63mm inlet/outlet is used. Max. 20 m3/h of flow.

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