AquaForte Bio-Stabil 2.5kg

provides steady pond conditions for Koi and other coldwater fish while keeping a constant natural PH value, a stable alkalinity (KH) level, and neutralising ammonia and heavy metals in the water. It improves water quality quickly.
Fish vitality will increase significantly, and colour intensity will also rise.

For fish vitality and enhanced colour, crystal-clear water, and a natural pond habitat; neutralises ammonia and heavy metals; and maintains natural KH and PH values. Better water in 20 minutes.


For every 1000 litres of pond water, use 100gm of BioStabil, and add the necessary amount directly to the pond.
Throughout application, keep the filtering systems running.
It is advised to apply BioStabil every two years or as needed (in the event of a KH level lower than 5 dH).
High or low PH readings will be immediately addressed by BioStabil.

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