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Aquaforte Drum Filter XL

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The main component of the filter is a tank that houses a rotating drum that is surrounded by a 75 micron (0.07 mm) filter membrane.

In order to exit the filter, the water must pass through the filter membrane after being fed unclean water from the basin into the drum.

The basin's water exits the filter and is directed towards the biological filtration after being purified of its particles.

Particles are accumulated in the drum when the impure water flows through it by clogging the membrane's tiny holes, which eventually get blocked.

Water flow is halted, resulting in a difference in level between the sieve's upstream and downstream sides.

The sensing system then initiates a drum cleaning cycle.
Now, as the drum gently spins, water jets are directed onto the filter membrane by nozzles located on the outside of the drum's upper portion. As a result, even the smallest particles of dirt are forced out of the drum's filter membrane by the water.

In a gutter, this dirt is collected and sent to the sewer.
The water level is raised to the cycle above and below.

This cleaning is modest and only gets involved when absolutely essential.


There are several, but the first is obvious: effective filtration is based on the idea of eliminating as many particles as possible from the basin's water as rapidly as possible so that they may no longer do harm.

A "regular" filter can only hold as much waste as it can, and the trash it holds breaks down in water.
Contrarily, with a drum, biological filtration is less stressed, which frequently enables the reduction of its volume.

The water remains clear year-round, assuming you have a sufficient UV power, which is the second major benefit.
No issues!

Thirdly, a drum filter is self-cleaning once the grid prefilter or brushes have been cleaned.
Since this filter is a machine, let's face it, it still needs very little care. Some modest interventions are therefore expected, but nothing binding.

Finally, every brand and model has unique characteristics; it is up to you to choose the precise kind of filter you require.

With or without a biological filter, stainless steel or polypropylene, and pumping or gravity?
These are the initial selection criteria, but size is the most crucial factor.
Keep in mind that a filter can never be too big because it will produce comfortable rinsing frequencies (3 to 4 rinses per hour in summer for a dozen per day in winter).

However, a filter that is too small will use more water because it will need to rinse more frequently.
We are available to help you make a decision.

The best features of this model

A model that offers excellent value for the money.

Everything is pre-wired, it is lightweight, and installation and integration are simple.

Mounting height is exceptionally low at just 10 cm above water.

Both gravity and pumping are modes of operation for this device.

> The incorporation of a prospective UV lamp.


Filtration mode: gravity or pump

PP as the material Dimensions
620 x 620 x 550 mm L × L x H

Mounting height in millimetres above sea level

Display microns

75 mm Inlet, 3 mm 110 mm Outlet, 2 mm 110

Voltage V 230/50 Hz Dirty water outlet mm 110 Flow maximum m3/h 35

48 V motor voltage

pump pressure for the rinse

2 à 4

control panel

Timer, auto, or manual

Yes, cover protection

Diffuser of air, yes Options

pump for rinsing.

UVC light.

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