AquaForte Linn Profi Feeder

There are many benefits to feeding fish from a vending machine.

It consistently delivers the right amount of food, giving fish the finest nutrition.

The Koi then grow at their best and display more appealing hues.

Fish eat everything, which prevents unneeded water contamination and filter overload.

From one to 24 times each day, the fish can be fed entirely mechanically with the help of the simple-to-program timer.

By changing the number of dispensing seconds for each feeding moment, the volume of food is adjusted.

There is a range of 0 to 600 seconds for the feed seconds per moment.
Another option is to feed the fish using a single or more external automated equipment.


flexible automatic feeding intervals.

Possible external automation of one or more devices.

suitable for pellets with a diameter of 2 to 9 mm.

includes a mounting bracket.

a 9 metre cable.

7 litres of food reserves.

produced in the Netherlands product.

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