AquaForte Phospat 1 (1"male) 90gr

One of the primary nutrients for algae (also known as blanket weed) in ponds is phosphate. It is feasible to keep the phosphate level below 0,035 mg/l with these filter cartridges! This is the "magic" limit that prevents algae from growing while yet being safe for bacteria and plants. The cartridge needs to be replaced when it becomes saturated (re-filling or regenerating is not possible). The Phospat does not release any phosphate, which is a huge benefit over other phosphate binding products! When compared to Iron (III) oxides, Phospat cartridges have 30-100 times greater phosphate binding capacity.

decreases water phosphate and promotes the biofilter
suitable for fountains, circulation wells, natural pools, and ponds
About 90.000 mg (Phospat 1) or 270.000 mg can be absorbed (Phospat 3) Up to 1100 l/h (Phospat 1) or 3300 l/h for phosphate (Phospat 3)
Specified particle size for each layer
50 m3 (Phospat 1) or 150 m3 suitable (Phospat 3)
Larger amounts of water can be handled by combining many PHOSPATs.
Pre-filtration should be used to protect the Phospat from contamination. - Phospat 1: 6 bar, Phospat 3: 4 bar maximum working pressure

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