BD-300 Combi Pond Drum Filter

These drums are part of the Burtons line and come fitted with a 60 micron screen, a weatherproof auto control box, and our socket panel. This allows for a quick and simple installation by just plugging your UV and pumps directly into the sockets.

Three 110mm inlets and three 110mm outlets are present on these drums.

The cover switch on the drum filter disables the motor and UV lights if they are hooked in directly when the cover is peeled off.

Pump fed and gravity fed systems can also use our drum selection.

Installation height is 25 cm above water.

Fit for flows up to 35,000 lph

Low energy usage: 1.3 watts in standby and 150 watts during cleaning.

Size (WHL): 658 by 740 by 773 (MM).

includes a wash pump.

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