BD-300 Cube Drum Filter with UVC


Burtons Aquatics BD300 Cube Drum Filter:

These drums include a 60 micron screen as standard, as well as a weatherproof auto control box where you can wire in and control both your UV's and your pumps. These drums have three 110mm inlets and three 110mm outlets. When the cover is lifted off the drum filter, the power to the motor (and UVs if wired in directly) is cut off. Burtons Aquatics drum filters offer options for both pump fed and gravity fed systems. The installation height is 25cm above the water level. Flow rates of up to 35,000lph are possible. Low power consumption (1.3 watts in standby mode and 150 watts when cleaning). (WHL) Dimensions: 658 x 740 x 773 (MM). This drum also features an integrated 20w amalgam UVC, which will help keep the drum screen clean, whilst clarifying your pond water by effectively killing algae before it gets out of hand.

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