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Bio-Rotator Compact-S Drum Filter

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The BioRotator combines a biological filter that rotates constantly with a drum filter.
The main characteristics at a glance:

The biological component ripens faster and is appropriate for varied fish quantities/feed intensities, with over 5x more waste substance breakdown by bacteria than with so-called moving bed filters*.

Unlike a trickling filter, which requires pumping water upwards, there is no energy loss.

less nitrogen is dissolved in the water when there isn't an air pump.

The Compact Small can process roughly 20 m3/hour using 50 litres of Hel-X 17 as its biological filter material.

The BioRotators are fully automated, built of high-quality materials, and have very small, energy-efficient dimensions.
They can be utilised in a pump-fed arrangement as well as completely buried.
The housing makes it simple to mount UV lamps.
An oxygen-rich habitat with around 60% of the biological component above the water's surface (20% compared to water's maximum oxygen content of 4%).
As a result, oxygen saturation is optimised.
It is possible to mimic the trickle filter's effect without using a pump to force water upward.

A BioRotator can break down roughly 80 grammes of food every day, compared to about 16 grammes in 100 litres of Hel-X on a moving bed.

This filter type considerably lessens the adverse effects of nitrogen dissolving in water because an air pump is not necessary.
The biological filter material ripens more quickly and effectively because it is surrounded by significantly more oxygen.
Additionally, this makes handling changes in feed intensity easier.
Compared to filters with fully submerged filter material, ammonia and nitrite are removed more quickly and efficiently.
The water has more oxygen after using a BioRotator.
Additionally, it has fewer dangerous anaerobic bacteria.
The BioRotator is a premium all-in-one solution with a 50 m3/hr maximum flow for Koi and swimming ponds.


Any dirt larger than 70 microns (0.07mm) is eliminated as the water enters the drum sieve.
If enough water is flowing through the drum, a water level sensor checks that.
An automatic flushing programme is launched whenever the drum sieve overclogs.
The high-pressure pump automatically removes the gathered dirt from the sieve, and it is then sent to the sewer via nozzles and a flushing channel.

The biological element and the drum filter both continually rotate in the Compact variants since they are connected.
This has the advantage of only requiring one motor and allowing dirt to be collected throughout the whole surface of the drum filter.
Only approximately half of the surface is often submerged and accessible for the accumulation of dirt.
Lower flushing frequency and less water use are the results of this.

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