Bio-Rotator M Drum Filter

The main component of the filter is a tank that houses a rotating drum that is surrounded by a 70 micron (0.07 mm) filter membrane.

In order to exit the filter, the water must pass through the filter membrane after being fed unclean water from the basin into the drum.

After passing through the filter and being cleansed of particles, the water from the basin is sent in the direction of the biological portion of the filter.

Particles are accumulated in the drum when the impure water flows through it by clogging the membrane's tiny holes, which eventually get blocked.

Water flow is halted, resulting in a difference in level between the sieve's upstream and downstream sides.

The sensing system then initiates a drum cleaning cycle.
Now, as the drum gently rotates, water jets are directed onto the filter membrane by nozzles located on the drum's upper side (facing the outside). As a result of the water's pressure, even the tiniest particles of dirt are forced out of the filter membrane.

In a gutter, this dirt is collected and sent to the sewer.
The water level is raised to the cycle above and below.

This cleaning is modest and only gets involved when absolutely essential.

The biological filter in this model is also included; water flows from the mechanical filtration drum component to the biological part before being evacuated to the basin.

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