Bio-UV 10 Ballast

by Bio-UV
These UV units have unmatched performance at high flow rates and are constructed of premium stainless steel (316L).
At the prescribed flow rates, the housing's 150 mm diameter ensures a minimal exposure to UV radiation of 2 seconds (see table).
They eliminate 99.9% of hazardous bacteria and viruses, including Aeromanas, Pseudomonas, and Legionella, by using unique "High Intensity" UV lamps with an output of 30.000 micro Watt and a minimal exposure of 2 seconds!

Instead of considering the pond's volume when selecting a BIO-UV light, consider the effective flow rate per hour that the pump can give.
Instead of chlorine, BIO-UV lamps are used to disinfect swimming pools.

- 3 bar maximum continuous pressure;

40 oC is the maximum water temperature.

- 8000 hours of useful use (after 8000 hours of use, performance is assessed).

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