Bio-UV 20 Pond Steriliser

by Bio-UV
These UVC units have unmatched performance at high flow rates and are constructed of premium stainless steel (316L).
At the prescribed flow rates, the housing's 150 mm diameter ensures a minimal exposure to UV radiation of 2 seconds (see table).
They eliminate microscopic algae as well as 99.9% of hazardous bacteria and viruses, including Aeromanas, Pseudomonas, and Legionella, thanks to the employment of unique "High Intensity" UV lamps with an output of 30.000 micro Watt (25.000 after 13000 hours).

Instead of considering the pond's volume when selecting a BIO-UV light, consider the effective flow rate per hour that the pump can give.
Instead of chlorine, BIO-UV lamps are used to disinfect swimming pools.
3 bar is the maximum continuous pressure, and 40°C is the maximum water temperature.
13000 Hours of Useful Time (performance is measured after 13000 hours of use).

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