Bio-UV NEO-18 Pond UVC

by Bio-UV
The Bio UV Neo Series unit is an ultraviolet sanitizer and clarifier constructed of PVC plastic with four mounting feet and a PVC electrical enclosure bonnet. It was created exclusively for the koi industry.

The Bio UV Neo Series has a stellar reputation for excellence in design, performance, and dependability.
Systems with water maximum flow rates ranging from 12000 lph to 25000 lph are served by three different models.

Models from the Bio UV Neo Series have electronic ballasts.

Pond water with undesirable contaminants enters the wet chamber of the Bio UV Neo unit and is subjected to the UV bulb's light rays.
Due to the fact that turbidity will impair the ability of the Bio UV Neo unit to transmit UV light waves, it has been built to allow for some turbidity in the water.
Because of this, all Bio UV Neo Series devices are sized for a minimum two-second exposure time to account for potential turbidity in the water and a UV bulb's diminished killing power as it becomes older.
The water leaving the unit is close to drinking water biological quality when the incoming water is exposed for this amount of time.

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