Cloverleaf Absolute Insect & Orange Koi Pellets 850g

Vitamin C-rich to improve your koi's colour and immune system.

Floating insect and orange pellets with an absolute protein content of 45% were created especially for feeding species that feed on the surface.

When you feed your fish Absolute Koi Insect & Orange Pellets, you are providing all of the essential vitamins, minerals, and essential amino acids that fish lack when fed a standard diet. This blend is scientifically proven to offer a nutrient-rich mix comparable with the fish's natural feeding behaviour when in the wild, where the fish feed on all kinds of aquatic insects.

The benefit of feeding Absolute Koi Insect & Orange Pellets or other prepared insect-based diets.
With this food, which is akin to a live food treat, there are no hazards associated with introducing any parasites or germs that could infect your fish.

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