Cloverleaf Automatic Fish Feeder Medium 10L

Although Cloverleaf's previous Auto Fish Feeder models were incredibly popular, they have since been redesigned to be even more adaptable and secure with the release of the Mk3 Low Voltage variants.

The Cloverleaf auto fish feeders are a breakthrough in sophistication and outstanding value for the money thanks to the transformer's integration into the computerised timer. All pond keepers who frequently take vacations or who spend most of the day away from their ponds will find them useful.

The Small PF1-LV (5 litre pellets), Medium PF2-LV (10 litre), and Large PF3-LV (20 litre) Cloverleaf Auto Fish Feeder versions are still available. The largest unit measures around 530mm height x 275 dia.

The Cloverleaf Auto Fish Feeder's timing may be set for "minutes & seconds" (with 1 second being the absolute minimum), making it appropriate for even the smallest ponds or quarantine systems.
This feature, it is said, completely distinguishes the Cloverleaf Auto Fish Feeder in terms of value for money.

Scientific research has shown that feeding little amounts frequently is the ideal method for the benefit of both fish and filtration systems, and the computer controller with digital display makes this possible.
With complete control over the precise amount being fed, up to 8 feeds per day at any particular time frame are conceivable.

The computer programming unit needs to be housed in a dry, protected location even though the Cloverleaf Auto Fish Feeder are IP55 protected.
The auto feeder casing should ideally be anchored down to the nearby decking or paving for stability and security in cases where playful household pets or young children have access to the pond using the pre-drilled holes provided.

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