Cloverleaf Pre-Vent Blanketweed 2kg (5500gals)

Pre-Vent is a special recipe that attempts to succeed where many commercial bacteria cultures fall short.
All pond fish, plants, and biological filtration systems are safe to use with Pre-Vent.

Pre-Vent should be used approximately every 10–14 days to help equalise your pond.
to help stop the tenacious blanketweed from coming back.


Per 266 gallons, add 10g (1207L).
Use the enclosed scoop to
800 gallons about per scoop (3632L).
Without causing any negative effects, the dosage can be changed as needed.
We advise starting a dose approximately 10–14 days after using Cloverleaf Blanket Answer.

Pre-Vent should be introduced to the pond by mixing with enough pond water and then spreading evenly across the pond's surface.
The pond will appear slightly foggy, but it will normally clear up in a few hours.

Use water that is over 10 degrees Celsius for optimal results.

Sturgeon, orfe, rudd, and other river-type fish require high amounts of pond saturation oxygen to survive.

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