Cloverleaf Pre-Vent Blanketweed 800g (2200 gallons)

Pre-Vent is a special formulation that aims to succeed where numerous commercial bacteria cultures fall short.
All pond fish, vegetation, and biological filtration systems are safe while using Pre-Vent.

To help your pond get back into balance, use Pre-Vent approximately every 10–14 days.
to assist in stopping the obstinate Blanketweed from coming back.


Add 10g for every 266 gallons (1207L).
One can utilise the enclosed scoop.
800 gallons or less per per scoop (3632L).
No unfavourable consequences result from changing the dosage as needed.
Following the use of Cloverleaf Blanket Answer, we advise dosing 10–14 days following.

It is necessary to add Pre-Vent to the pond by combining it with enough pond water and spreading it evenly across the entire surface.
The appearance of the pond will become slightly murky, but it will typically clear up within a few hours.

Use water that is warmer than 10 °C for optimal results.

Pond saturation oxygen levels must be kept at a high level if there are river-type fish present (sturgeon, orfe, rudd, etc.).

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