Cloverleaf Sturgeon / Sterlet (Sinking) food 4.5mm 3kg

Food for Cloverleaf Sturgeon / Sterlet

Absolute Complete Sturgeon & Sterlet food is primarily made up of protein derived from aquatic animals such as shrimp and fish. This closely resembles a sturgeon or sterlet's natural wild diet, resulting in a balanced and easily digestible food rich in essential amino acids, with added vitamin C, calcium, sodium, magnesium, and zinc to help maintain a healthy body and immune system for sustained growth in the pond environment.

Key characteristics include:

Excellent digestibility
Reduce the temperature to 4 degrees.
High-quality, low-fat
5Kg, 3Kg, and 500g sizes are available. This food is designed for low environmental impact and rapid growth. 49% protein and one of the highest in gross energy available, allowing for maximum quality growth and health.

Sinking format food that has been specially formulated.

Simply the best option for feeding sturgeon, sterlets, and catfish.

All bottom-feeding species will benefit from the Balanced Protein Formula.

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