Delta Bio-UV Pond Sterilizer 90w

by Bio-UV
a variety of stainless steel professional UVC units for ponds, pools, whirlpools, etc.
One of the unique characteristics is a 316 Stainless Steel shell that makes it simple to attach the inlet and outlet unions by allowing 360° rotation.
The addition of unions at either end of the stainless steel housing, which enables complete disassembly of the stainless steel housing to assist cleaning of the quartz tube should it be necessary, is another important special feature not frequently encountered in comparable devices.

When design flow rates are maintained, Delta's exclusive High Output (HO) low pressure lamp, like all Delta Ultraviolet systems, can provide 30,000 microwatts (25,000 output at lamp end-of-life).
The continuous use time for the long life bulb is rated at 13000 hours.
3-bar maximum pressure.

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