Elecro Quantum Pond UVC 55w

by Elecro
Quantum makes use of the cutting-edge ceramic Nano Crystal technology, which is a current hot topic in research and has the ability to chemically-free sanitise sewage into potable water.

Features & Advantages

Ti02/Mo photocatalytic oxidizer and clarifier

Eliminating pollutants using a combination of photocatalytic, hydroxyl radical, and UV technology leaves water appearing clean and fresh.

lessens the need for pool chemicals

protects your family from harmful bacteria like naegleria fowleri, adenoviruses, and cryptosporidium

Hydrogen peroxide and chlorine peristaltic dosing system available as an option (Pro model only)

Strong sterilisation that takes away the chlorine odour

2 years is the typical light life expectancy.

an intelligent bulb life indicator is included.

Compatible with chlorinated seawater

Three sizes are offered: Mini (35 m3), Single (65 m3), and Double (130 m3).


Energy Source: 100V–240V

Flow rate minimum: 1.5 m3/h

The maximum flow rates are as follows: Mini: 10,000 litres per hour (10 m3/h), Single: 14,000 litres per hour (14 m3/h), Double: 28,000 litres per hour (28 m3/h).

Max. Pool Size: Mini: 35,000 liters/35 square metres, Single: 65,000 liters/65 square metres, Double: 130,000 liters/130 square metres

Maximum Power Consumption: 40W for Mini, 64W for Single, and 128W for Double

Low pressure/high output lamp

Life of Lamp: 9,000–14,000 Hours

Dosing Rate: At maximum flow rate, exceeds the equivalent of 30mj/cm2.

IP64 Ingress Protection Rating

Fidelity: 50/60 Hz

Working Pressure: Maximum 3 Bar

Connections to Water: 2 "Stepped ABS unions + reducers, /63mm

100% chlorinated seawater and salt are safe.

Wall mounting options include vertical and horizontal

Quantum photocatalytic oxidizer (PCO) and hydroxyl radicals are two oxidation processes (HO)

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