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Elecro G2 Multi Tubular Heat Exchanger 30kw

by Elecro
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Heat exchangers can be used to heat pool water through a boiler, however they are less effective at heating ponds than a heat pump.

The hot water from the boiler is provided to the heat exchanger, and as the pond water flows next to the hot water from the boiler, the heat is transferred to the pond water.

Heat pumps may be backed up by heat exchangers.

Elecro G2 Titanium heat exchangers are good performers and have high build quality, so we strongly suggest them.

Elecro Multi-Tubular heat exchangers have a large surface area of contact for the two water circuits thanks to their 38-piece titanium tube bundle construction.

The major circuit chamber, through which the heated water passes, is extremely small, allowing heat to be swiftly absorbed and supplied with hot water.

Elecro heat exchangers operate exceptionally effectively even when working with low Primary temperatures, such as solar heating systems, thanks to these tactical design elements.

Thermal insulation of the entire unit, provided by the hard aluminium jacket enclosing a pocket of air, ensures that heat is transported within the intended chamber and absorbed by the pond water rather than lost to the atmosphere.

Elecro Heat Exchangers are perfect for usage on salt-water ponds because of their titanium tube bundles.

The Elecro Generation 2 (G2) Heat Exchanger delivers an unmatched heat transfer surface area thanks to its distinctive design and durable construction, making it one of the most effective devices available.

containing a tightly packed tubular bundle in a central chamber that is thermally insulated.
The G2 is the ideal choice for all applications, including gas or oil fired boiler circuits, solar panels, heat pumps, or chillers. This is due to the relatively small volume of the chamber and the large surface area of the internal tubing, which offers superb heat transfer efficiency and minimal energy loss.

The toughest and most resilient materials are used in the G2's production to the highest standards.
The principal water flow is better insulated by the stiff thermal casing surrounding the BS 316L stainless steel (EN 1.4432) shell, ensuring optimal efficiency.

In order to maximise thermal gain, the installation engineer can choose which direction to pipe the primary and secondary water.
To do this, the primary flow is directed in the opposite direction from the secondary (pond) water flow.

The typical G2 heat exchanger comes with everything listed below.

Male/male primary connections in brass, 2 x 1"

Non-return valve 1 x 1"

pocket thermostat made of titanium

Blanking cap and coin gasket, one (for non-thermostat side)


robust, long-lasting design

Shell made of 316 stainless steel with unique polyamide fittings

bundle of 38 internal titanium tubes

Ponds either indoors or outside

temperature pocket

For use with rigid pipe, use solvent weld unions.

connections 1.5"

suitable for salt-water ponds and salt-, chlorine-, and solar-heated swimming pools

obtainable and fully furnished
Control is analogue or digital (optional)

BS 316L Stainless Steel shell (EN 1.4432) and specific polyamide fittings allow for floor or wall mounting.

three-year guarantee

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