Elecro Mini Highly Reflective UVC 110w

by Elecro
Elecro H.R.UV-super C's reflecting qualities optimise UV-C radiation and significantly boost performance.

Features & Advantages:

Highest UV reflection index available, translating to maximum effectiveness

The UV reflectivity of the E-PTFE reach chamber is maintained by its great resistance.

Refraction of up to 95% amplifies the UV exposure of microorganisms

No hazardous byproducts or fumes are created.

eliminates germs, viruses, algae, and fungi that conventional chemicals are unable to eliminate.

Optional chlorine/hydrogen peroxide clever peristaltic dosing system (Pro model only)

Strong sterilisation that takes away the chlorine odour

2 years is the typical light life expectancy.

an intelligent bulb life indicator is included.

Compatible with chlorinated seawater

Three sizes are offered: Mini (30 m3), Single (55 m3), and Double (110 m3).


Supply voltage: single phase 100V–240V

Flow rate minimum: 1.5 m3/h

Maximum Flow Rate: Mini: 12,000 Liters Per Hour (12 Meters Per Hour), Single: 16,000 Liters Per Hour (16 Meters Per Hour), Double: 32,000 Liters Per Hour (32 Meters Per Hour).

Mini: 30,000 liters/30 square metres; Single: 55,000 liters/55 square metres; Double: 110,000 liters/110 square metres;

Mini 40W, Single 64W, Double 128W are the maximum power consumption ratings.

Low pressure/high output lamp

Life of a lamp: 9,000 hours

Dosing Rate: At maximum flow rate, exceeds the equivalent of 30mj/cm2.

IP64 Ingress Protection Rating

Fidelity: 50/60 Hz

Working Pressure: Maximum 3 Bar

Connections to Water: 2 "Stepped ABS unions + reducers, 63mm
1½" / 50mm

100% chlorinated seawater and salt are safe.

Wall mounting options include vertical and horizontal

UV Oxidation Process

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