Elecro Mini Highly Reflective UVC 30w

by Elecro
Elecro H.R.UV-super C's reflecting qualities optimise UV-C ray performance.

Benefits & Features:

Most UV reflective index available, resulting in the highest efficiency

E-PTFE reach chamber has a high level of resistance while preserving UV reflectivity.

UV exposure of bacteria is increased by up to 95% reflectance.

No hazardous gases or byproducts are created.

provides bacterial, viral, algae, and fungal eradication that conventional pesticides do not

Chlorine/hydrogen peroxide optional clever peristaltic dosing system (Pro model only)

Eliminates the chlorine odour and performs powerful sterilisation

The typical light life is two years.

Contains an intelligent lamp life indicator

Compatible with salt-chlorinated water from the sea

Mini (30 m3), Single (55 m3), and Double (110 m3) are the three sizes that are offered.


Single phase 100V–240V power supply

1.5 m3/hr minimum flow rate

Maximum Flow Rates: Single: 16,000 litres per hour; 16 m3/h; Double: 32,000 litres per hour; 32 m3/h; Mini: 12,000 litres per hour; 12 m3/h

Mini: 30,000 litres; 30 m3, Single: 55,000 litres; 55 m3, Double: 110,000 litres; 110 m3; Max. Pool Size

Minimal Power Consumption: 40W, Single: 64W, Double: 128W

Lamp: High output/low pressure

9,000 hours for a lamp

exceeding the equivalent of 30mj/cm2 at the maximum flow rate

Rating for Ingress Protection: IP64

A frequency of 50/60 Hz

3 Bar maximum working pressure

Two water connections "Unions + reducers for 63mm stepped ABS
1½" / 50mm

100% safe seawater and salt are both chlorinated.

mounting: horizontal or vertical wall mounting

UV-based Oxidization Process

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