Elecro Titanium Nano Cygnet Analogue Heater 2kw

by Elecro
The Cygnet Aquatic heater is user-friendly and allows "plug & play" installation for the 1 > 3-kW variants. It was specifically created to assure optimum safety, dependability, and efficiency.
You can control the desired pond temperature with the thermostat dial, and the thermal safety cut-out guards against overheating.

The Cygnet, which we developed and produced in Hertfordshire, England to the highest standards, uses our patented coiled heating element technology to generate a turbulent vortex in the water flow.
By limiting the buildup of mineral deposits on the heating element, which is specifically made for pond/aquatic applications, this results in exceptional efficiency and increased life expectancy.

A flow tube is used in the construction, and inlet and outlet mouldings made of a specifically designed polymer alloy are attached to it.
The input moulding has been engineered to assure full immersion of the element, significantly lowering the possibility of air locking, while the outlet moulding accommodates a flow switch with a gold-tipped reed and Titanium fulcrum pin.

The heater's top-facing control cabinet can be installed vertically on a wall or allowed to stand on the floor.
Screw fit adapters are provided to connect to 1 12" or 1 14 "flexible pipe work that is standard.


The Elecro Cygnet heater's panel-mounted thermostat dial makes it simple to set the ideal pond temperature.
The extremely dependable flow switch protects people and property, while the thermal cutout with manual reset guards against overheating.

Technical Details

220 gallons per hour minimum flow requirement

Maximum Flow Rate: 3750 Gallons/Hour

Grade 1 heating tube

Grade 1 Flow Tube

0°C to 40°C (1°C Differential) Thermostat

55°C Thermal Cutoff (Manual Reset)

Flow switch: Titanium flucrum pin with a gold-tipped reed switch

Wiring: Multi-stranded, silicone-sheathed, high-temperature copper conductors

High-temperature special polymer seals

Maximum working pressure of 4 Bar IP44 rating for ingress protection for 2 kilowatt and 9 amp

112 water connections "female BSP thread

Unions for 112"/50-mm rigid pipe and hose tails for 114"/112" are provided fittings "supple pipe

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