Elecro Poolsmart Plus Heater Controller

by Elecro
The Elecro Poolsmart Plus Heating Controller is an intelligent pool control system that enables you to maintain the ideal temperature of your pool while using the least amount of energy.
You may operate the functionalities of the controller with just a touch of your finger thanks to its digital touch screen display.

By activating the circulation pump and so turning on the heating appliance, the priority heating function enables the controller to bypass the timer on the circulation pump and thus enable the heating appliance to heat your pool water to the desired temperature.
The circulation pump will then be turned off by the controller, ensuring that your pool is constantly kept at the ideal temperature.

Features & Advantages:

intelligent touchscreen display

Integration of BMS (Building Management System)

bilingual user interface

24-hour clock that can be programmed (4 time zones)

ports for flow and temperature sensors

Controlled precisely to 0.5°C

diagnosing screen

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