0.75mm EPDM Greenseal Liner per Square Metre

A synthetic rubber pond liner with remarkable physical qualities, SealEco EPDM (Greenseal) is the perfect option for lining garden ponds, ornamental lakes, and streams.

The same Swedish company that has supplied our Butyl for more than 30 years, SealEco AB, now makes an EPDM pond liner that is safe for fish (formally Trelleborg AB). The EPDM is vulcanised (cured under pressure and heat) during production, resulting in a flexible, chemically stable product with minimal ageing from exposure to UV radiation, the atmosphere, chemicals, earth, water, and temperature extremes.

The black SealEco EPDM pond liner is exceptionally flexible even at low temperatures, making it the perfect choice for small and medium-sized fish ponds with shelves and steps.

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