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Evolution Aqua Med Acriflavin 500ml

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Acriflavin is an anti-bacterial therapy for koi available from Evolution Aqua Med.
It is a potent, effective drug that acts to treat a number of infections in Koi Carp, including bacteria, mouth fungus, ulcers, and fin, tail, and mouth rot.

Common Signs Of Fish Bacterial Infection

When fish appear to have large open sores, ulcers, or any other type of bacterial problems, use acriflavine.

wound care with koi

Calculating the dosage of acriflavin

20 ml per 1600 l of solution (352 gallons)

20,000 litres are treated by 500 millilitres (4,399 gallons)

20,000 litres are treated by 1 litre (4,399 gallons)

Carry out significant water changes right away after an overdosing incident, and don't forget to use dechlorinator.
Additionally, carbon can be used to remove water treatments.

Dosage guidelines for acriflavin in Evolution Aqua Med

1. Use the formula below to determine the pond's volume:
Measurement in metres, breadth in metres, average depth in metres, and 1000 = Litres; convert to gallons by multiplying by 4.54.

(For a pond volume calculator, click here.)

2 Firmly shake the bottle.

3. Turn off UV lights for seven days following the last dose.
Take out all of the zeolite and activated carbon from the filters.

4. Add one 20ml dose per 1600 litres (352 gal) of pond water using the included dosing cap.
To equally cover the pond's surface, mix the medication with a pail of pond water.
Since this treatment uses dyes, water will become discoloured.

5. Since this is a two-dose therapy, the pond should receive another dose at about the same time three days later.

6. Following a 20% water change and 7 days after the final dose is finished, it is safe to restart the course of therapy if necessary.

7. Examine every aspect of water quality because ill health is frequently caused by poor water quality.

NOTE: Avoid taking a dose while it's rainy or humid outside.
Always keep the pond well-aerated when treating it.
After dosing, give the fish some time to rest in case there is an unlikely adverse reaction.
only to be used with Koi Carp.
When working with chemicals, gloves should always be used.
If the water is over 25°C, do not use.

A lot of people have questions

Why should you take two doses?
Dosing is more gentle on fish.

Fish are accustomed to greater active dosage rates with two-step dosing.
both on day one and day four.
As a result, active substances must be present at higher concentrations for a longer length of time in order to attack certain disease lifecycle components that cannot be killed.
White spot is a good illustration of this.

How long must pass before I receive treatment once more?

You can provide the dose again or treat the pond using a different method.
7 days following the completion of the previous dose, after a 20% water change.

Do I have to turn off my UV?

Yes, the UV will reduce the treatment's effectiveness and impair its effectiveness.

Is it okay to use eaMedications with sturgeon, tench, or orfe?


Should I aerate the water more?

Yes, aerate the pond or treatment bath whenever it is being used.

Can I mix prescription drugs?

Only formaldehyde and malachite green may be combined; following the final dose, wait seven days and do a 20% water change before repeating the dosage or seeking treatment with a different drug.

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