F.O.K 1.5 kg

by FOK
Fok Bio Factor VL boosts development, bone and scale strength, colour, and your Koi's hunger in addition to improving water purity and quality.
lowers blanket weed

Leading water additive in Japan

Once a week, combine 50g in a watering can and add it to the pond to treat 2200 gallons.

In Japan, Fok Bio Factor VL is the most popular conditioner.
By utilising water purification bacteria and minerals, Fok Bio Factor VL encourages good water quality while accelerating fish growth.

FOK Bio Factor VL will enhance the clarity and quality of your water, making it truly sparkle!

FOK Bio Factor VL improves your Koi's colour and lustre while promoting bone and cellular growth.

Additionally, you can add 1.5 kg of FOK Bio Factor VL to your koi food.

Feed FOK Bio Factor VL 1.5 kg together with koi food.

Use 1.5 kg of FOK Bio Factor VL to moisten koi food and dust.

After adding water and honey to the koi meal, add 1.5 kg of FOK Bio Factor.

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