Flapper Non-Return Valve 3"


These Double Union Flapper non-return valves are of the highest quality and offer the lowest resistance to pond pumps; additionally, they feature a split union connector at either end for simple cleaning. Very Dependable Non-Return Valve, this Double Union Flapper Non-Return Valve offers minimal resistance and the ability to remove waste particles simply unscrewing the double union fittings. The Double Union Flapper Non Return Valve is a straightforward method of avoiding backflow in pipework where it is unwanted, such as in pumped systems or where Elecro heaters are put in line. This Double Union Flapper Non Return Valve (swing check) Valve is likely unique in its design, as it is the first valve we have encountered that can be inspected for periodic maintenance, etc. The non-return valves of the Flapper type impose no back pressure on the pumps, and the swing check simply swings out of the way. In addition to being compatible with any 1.5- or 2-inch imperial pressure pipe and solvent-weldable, this is a very exceptional piece of equipment.

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