Free Standing Rubber Membrane Air Diffuser

Diffuser made of a microperforated EPDM membrane that has already been weighted and is ready to use.

This membrane produces a column of tiny bubbles that collapse when the air pump is turned off, blocking the entry of contaminating substances.

The pores cannot readily be deposited bacterial biofilm as they open in response to the pump's impulses, preventing the typical clogging of standard diffusers.

This aerator's convection movement does a great job of oxygenating the pool.
Thus, a convection action raises the lower water layers to the surface, and the air/water interface increases the oxygen content of the water.

Since the air bubbles released by this diffuser do not have enough time to release much oxygen, the objective is not to primarily oxygenate the pool with them.
but to use the convection action to oxygenate the pool.

The minimum recommended flow rate is 20 l/min per pool depth; clearly, the flow rate must be adjusted during the summer.

Two sizes are available: 130 mm or 180 mm.

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