G4 Pond Sealer Black 2.5kg

by G4
When making your pond out of concrete, you must seal the top layer to prevent water infiltration and lime, which is bad for fish and pumps, from escaping.
G4 Sealer is the most efficient tool for accomplishing this.
It is just painted directly over the hardened concrete.
You can choose between clear (dries translucent) and black.
In order to make waterfalls, statues, and other concrete objects safe for your pond, you can also cover them with G4.

For concrete ponds, G4 Pond Sealant is a one-component deep-bonding polyurethane sealant.

Gives all shapes a crisp finish quickly and easily.

Keeping lime out, friendly to fish

Useful in cold temperatures

Useful with anti-crack fibre

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