Golden Corn


Product Description:

Variety - Golden Corn

Breeder - Taniguchi

Age - Nisai

Size - 22cm

Sex - Unknown

Comes with breeders certificate

The Golden Corn koi variety from Taniguchi koi farm is one of the most interesting koi varieties to surface within recent years. Some very high quality examples have been displayed and the cross of gin rin asagi is at the base of every one. For a little background, the golden corn variety consists of 3 different parent sets, with gin rin asagi being involved in all 3. The kanoko scale type is one that is extremely difficult to produce, and is often a one in a million case, however with these, every fish is displaying fantastic kanoko. Which when paired with good quality fukurin, gives a really impressive look. This specific fish was purchased through the Narita koi farm auctions and comes with a certificate from Taniguchi koi farm.

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