Green Control Natural Blanket Weed Controller

Green Control is entirely organic, safely eliminates algae, and contains no algaecide.

To control algae growth and water quality, use Green Control, a product made entirely of natural ingredients.
A product called Green Control doesn't contain any copper compounds, zinc oxide, or algaecide.
The nutrients that algae require to develop are drawn out of the water by Green Control.
Fish or plants will not be harmed by even a triple overdose.

Green Control is safe for both people and animals, making it ideal for swimming ponds as well.
Green Control effectively eliminates water turbidity, which helps to create water that is crystal clear.

How Green Control Works:

Chelating chemicals specifically absorb nutrients from the water so that algae and aquatic plants may reach them.
Even heavy metal deposits that were once there are dissolved and changed into nutrients.
Fruit acids are added, and together with the chelates, they provide a stable carbonate hardness.
Phosphate deposits are also bonded while employing Green Control, making them accessible to the algae, which serves as the carrier of the nutrient.
The algae absorbs the bonded nutrient, which then deeply enters the algae's crystalline structure.
The algae dies as a result of the lime structure of the algae dissolving.
Because all the nutrients in the water are bound together when Green Control is employed, the phosphate level of the water rises.
Fish, plants, and other aquatic life, as well as birds, dogs, cats, and other animals, are not negatively impacted by this.
The water plants profit from this quantifiable total phosphate level as a nutrient, but the algae do not, and as a result, the algae die.

Green Control Dosage:

100g of dosage per 3000 litres.

Initially: three times each month (every ten days).

Use after that: Once each month.

Distribute Green Control evenly over the pond by spreading it in the water.
It's not necessary to pre-dissolve Green Control in water.

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