Kockney Koi 3-Way Switch Box

One of the switches has a 1,800 watt rating, and the other two have a 500 watt rating apiece.
The entire unit can handle a maximum current of 2,800 watts.

for gardens, boats, ponds, etc.

Switch indicators with illumination

three circuits with independent fuses

IP66 & CE

Power on indicator for the mains

Color-coded for ease of use and designed for use up to 2.8KW

distinctive wall mounting bracket

With almost 50,000 cycles, a switch's life

Each of the three switches has its own fuse.
Because it comes with wall plugs, screws, and a self-locking mounting bracket, no holes need to be drilled in the main unit to maintain its watertight integrity.
Additionally, it includes blanking plugs for cable glands to cover unused outlets.

Color-coded cable glands and switches allow for quick installation and identification.
You can tell which appliances are on by looking at the individual LED indication on each switch.

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