Kockney Koi 8000 Fibreglass Koi Pond Filter Gravity Fed

Both gravity fed and pump fed versions of the KF8000 are available (KF8000G).
It is a premium, free-standing, three-bay, fibreglass filter made with the goal of enhancing the habitat for your fish.
With the least amount of maintenance, its "state-of-the-art" multi chamber offers maximum filtration.
The unit has a maximum flow rate of 6000 litres per hour and is appropriate for fish ponds up to 8000 litres in size.
However, the KF8000 can easily handle much higher flows in ponds with no fish or with lower stocking densities.
Including a pump-fed multi-spray bar, filter brushes, Japanese matting, and flocor.
Because of its ingenious design, it may be brought inside a home for those properties without side or rear access by fitting through a regular 30′′ domestic door opening (if necessary).
For the gravity fed model, a matching vortex (VF1) is an optional feature (KF8000G).


8000 Litre (3 Bay)
Maximum flow rate: 6,000 litres per hour, dimensions: 37′′ x 31.5′′ x 24.5′′

"Pump fed"
1.5" inlet; 110mm outlet; solvent

Gravity fed; 110mm inlet; 1.5" outlet

Available as either pump or gravity supplied full of: 2 drains and 2 ball valves

Media: brushes, blue mat cartridges, and flocor

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