Kockney Koi 5000V Multi Bay Filter

The 4000FG is a four bay, high-quality, pump fed, free-standing filter made of fibreglass with the goal of enhancing the habitat for your fish.
Maximum filtration is guaranteed with the least amount of maintenance thanks to its "state-of-the-art" multi chamber.
The device can handle ponds up to 4000 litres in volume and has a maximum flow rate of 3000 litres per hour.

The KF 4000 can readily handle higher quantities with lighter stocking densities, though.
1.5" & 2" inlet & outlet.
full of Japanese matting, flocor, filter brushes, and a multi-spray bar.


4000 Litre (4 Bay)
36"x17"x19" deep

Maximum flow rate is 3,00 litres per hour.

Outlet with 1.5" inlet
solvent 2"

A pump-fed spray bar is available, complete with or without media.

There are two drainage points (for remote drainage, a 1.5′′ solvent weld pipe is acceptable).

Media: filter wadding, brushes, matting cartridges, and flocor

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