Koi Cafe Automatic Feeder (Green)

Koi Cafe automatic fish feeders make it simple to feed your ornamental fish up to eight times each day.

The inventive construction keeps moisture from coming into contact with the food.
given a creative sight glass to measure the amount of food (max. 2 kg.).
Rechargeable batteries and a digital timer are included with the delivery of The Koi Cafe (solar panel is optional).
Battery chargers can be purchased separately.

The timer's settings range from 2 to 60 seconds.
three distinct hues.
Manufacturer Sweeney Enterprises offers a 3-year guarantee since they have been making the highest-quality automatic feeders for more than 30 years!

The Koi Cafe has several noteworthy benefits, including:

When food is provided frequently throughout the day in smaller amounts, koi grow more quickly and are healthier.

Less pollution on filters means fewer peaks to contend with.

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